Sony drops the price of its VR headset, following Oculus and HTC

New PlayStation VR US/Canadian Bundle Announced

Hot on the heels of a permanent $200 price cut by HTC for its Vive virtual reality headset, Sony is also cutting the PlayStation VR price.

The $399 VR headset bundle was very tricky at launch.

This new bundle will replace the previous standalone headset package, so now if you need the set you can get them both at once. That bundle includes a VR headset, camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and the Sony-produced minigame collection "PlayStation Worlds". It too is cheaper, with a full $50 being taken off the price. Originally, players needed to spend $499 to own this bundle. Interested consumers are advised to check with their local retailers for availability of the bundles. The same bundles are now being sold around $449.99 United States dollars. The virtual reality hardware is officially seeing a price cut starting on September 1st, Sony announced today. For the same price as the headset alone, Sony is offering PS VR plus PlayStation Camera.

It's only natural that Sony would want to make its VR product the most attractive prospect in the market, especially to parents who might not really know what to look for.

Yee also mentioned that the Farpoint PSVR Aim Controller Bundle is already back in stock.

PlayStation isn't the only platform slashing prices on VR headsets. That is, it is a package that costs the same as the regular PlayStation VR, but it saves you the $60 United States dollars you needed to invest to get the camera.

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