Sessions Says NFL Kneelers Made a 'Big Mistake'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to blast PC culture at a university speech Tuesday

While addressing a group of students at Georgetown Law School in Washington DC on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Department of Justice would protect the First Amendment rights of college students across the country.

Students and faculty members of Georgetown's law school said ahead of the event that they planned on protesting the attorney general's speech.

SESSIONS: We have too much suppression of free and open speech on college campuses today.

Attendees said Trump was talking about policy when he told the guest who asked a question to contact Attorney General Sessions.

The attorney general said his time talking to college students informed him on the issue, and the Department of Justice will intervene as necessary. "Absolutely not", said Normal Gabriel. They will point to the very speech and beliefs that we abhor as Americans. "But I don't think anyone is suppressing our freedom of speech".

"Things have changed over the years; there are some things you can't say that are offensive", said Tosin Ibironke.

Such speech codes and zones have been the subject of many challenges by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which Sessions cited in his remarks. In a few cases, conservative speakers have been barred from campuses on the grounds that they may cause offense or spark violence.

Sessions told host Tucker Carlson that could even come in the form of a lawsuit against these institutions if they were to ignore efforts to fight against those institutions that limit the right to speak on public campuses. It undercuts the spirit of the First Amendment and stifles the robust debate characteristic of a top tier law school.

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Sessions, who has sparked controversy over immigration, race and other issues, talked about free speech on college campuses. "Our records indicate that you were not part of the Center [for the Constitution]'s student invitation list, which includes student fellows of the Center (students who signed up to attend events sponsored by the Center) and students enrolled in the classes taught this semester by the Center's Director, Professor Randy Barnett".

Sessions' speech focused on speech codes and other college imposed restrictions on free expression.

"Georgetown's Speech and Expression Policy provides our faculty, staff and students broad latitude to invite speakers", Weinberg said.

The letter from the law professors highlights three specific attacks on free speech: President Donald Trump's Twitter denunciations of recent athlete protests; the Department of Justice's prosecution of a woman who laughed during Sessions' confirmation hearing; and the department's attempts to obtain information about people who organized an anti-Trump protest this summer.

Trump wrote over the weekend: 'If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. And yet, school administrators bend to this behavior.

Inside the auditorium, several audience members sat with black tape covering their mouths in protest as well. I think that is not a contradiction there.

Meanwhile, outside the lecture hall, protestors condemned Sessions as a "snowflake" for effectively carving out a "safe space" for himself by not allowing dissenters to attend the lecture.

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