Field Narrows: Raja Vs. JD In 8th Congressional General Election

People are defecting from the GOP. But not to the Democrats

Vandana Jhingan of Schaumburg, running as a Republican in the area's 8th Congressional District primary, was removed from the ballot by a sustained petition January 26, leaving Jintendra "JD" Diganvker as the only Republican candidate to square off against incumbent U.S. Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-8th) in November's General Election. She plans to take her seat and join the session Wednesday. "With this win, we're saying "enough has been enough".

Among early returns, Good bettered Buchanan 55 to 43 percent with vote-by-mail and early in-person voting.

That led political analysts to conclude that a big chunk of Republican voters - and most independent voters - went for Good.

"Tonight we have proven what can happen when a group of committed, engaged people unite for a common objective", Good said.

They want real representation, and it doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat or a non-party voter. The 72nd district has elected Republicans in every election since redistricting following the 2010 election moved the district from Charlotte, DeSoto and Lee counties into Sarasota County. Trump had won in this district two years ago by more than 4 percentage points. Democrats won a Miami-area state Senate special election last September with Annette Taddeo, then won the St. Petersburg mayoral race in November.

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"We want really tremendous border security, but we have to have Democrat support for DACA", Trump said, adding that he wanted to address immigration reform, including DACA, on its own rather than wrap it up in the large budget deal that he signed last week.

If Mueller does return with evidence of Trump team collusion with Russian Federation or obstruction of justice from Trump or his associates, the poll found that a strong majority of the public would favor impeachment. "If he would've come across like someone who is a good candidate, he would've won".

Democrats have more well-funded challengers running in Republican-held House districts than in previous campaign cycles - one of many signs that a change of control is possible.

Without any other offices or issues on the ballot, the special election received stronger-than-average attention from Sarasota voters and outside groups. "This win shows us that Floridians are rejecting the same exhausted rhetoric we saw with Donald Trump's campaign, which was the same rhetoric Buchanan used to try and win", the party statement said. Democratic donors from as far away as California cut checks to Good, an attorney, and former Vice President Joe Biden recorded a robocall for her. Buchanan received support from national figures as well, including Florida Sen.

Stand Up America, which purports to have 2 million members, told McClatchy it was not arguing that Democrats should embrace impeachment politics. More than 44,000 voters were cast, representing 36% of the total electorate.

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