Donald Trump on Iran: 'If they want to meet, I'll meet'

Trump Says He’s Willing to Meet With Iranian President With ‘No Preconditions’

Trump then told reporters that he would like to see "a competing pipeline" in the region, and said he is talking with the Europeans about building additional ports capable of receiving shipments of US liquefied natural gas.

What do the U.S. and Iran disagree on?

"US can only blame itself for pulling out & leaving the table. Threats, sanctions and PR stunts won't work", Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet.

"I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet, and I'm ready to meet anytime they want to", he said.

Blitzer corrected Garamendi that a hypothetical meeting would likely not be with Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, but with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. "I, as a soldier, respond to you", Suleimani said in a speech reported by state-run media. "It could be a test for us".

"I ended the Iran [nuclear] deal".

Mr Trump said he had "no preconditions" for a meeting with the Iranians, adding: "If they want to meet, I'll meet".

Per the New York Times, since Trump's departure from the pact, Iran's economy has taken a devastating hit, with its currency losing half its value.

But Trump seems to be the only one in favor of a meeting.

"We can not negotiate with someone who violates global commitments, threatens to destroy countries, and constantly changes his position", he added.

But Trump's remarks did represent a marked softening of tone from when he lashed out at Rouhani in a tweet a week ago.

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"I don't know that they're ready yet".

Secondly, the US administration is speaking from both sides of its mouth: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for instance, has insisted that certain criteria be met before Trump and Rouhani could meet, completely contradicting Trump's unconditional offers for a chat.

US Secretary of State Michael R Pompeo is also scheduled to visit Singapore and Jakarta. Foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi on Monday said "there is no possibility for talks", ahead of Trump's statement. "Now all of those countries except the US are on Iran's side, wanting to stick with the deal and keep doing business".

Under the 2015 deal, the fruit of Rouhani's efforts to ease Iran's worldwide isolation to help revive its economy, Iran curbed its shadowy nuclear programme and won relief from United Nations and Western sanctions in return.

Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency quoted Rouhani's political adviser Hamid Aboutalebi as saying that for talks to happen, the U.S. needs to rejoin the deal.

Firstly, Trump has sought to meet his Iranian counterpart numerous times in the past already, without success.

Last week, Jafari told Iran's state-run Tasnim News agency that the oil sanctions the United States is threatening on Iran "can be easily answered" by the IRGC.

Even though Trump on Monday said if Rouhani were to meet with him there would be "no preconditions", he also did not walk back from any of those earlier demands.

"YOU WILL SUFFER CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE", the president wrote in an apparent response to a recent warning from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that a war with the country would be the "mother of all wars". Another round, covering other types of commerce, including oil purchases, goes into effect November 4. It recovered slightly to 115,000 to the dollar on Tuesday, and concerns are growing as Iranians have seen their savings dwindle and purchasing power drop.

"Trump should first make up for his withdrawal from the nuclear deal and show that he respects his predecessors' commitments and worldwide law", added Kharrazi, a former foreign minister. "It would be a humiliation", Motahari said, according to the conservative Fars News.

"Respect for the great nation of Iran, the reduction of hostilities, and America's return to the JCPOA, will smooth the path past the current rocky relations", adviser Hamid Aboutalebi said.

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